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There is plenty of evidence to link a productive workplace with a healthy and active workforce. Our range of activities and seminars provide excellent opportunities for staff and management to engage in more activity, build stronger teams and increase productivity.


Haus Rules

1. This is a journey, enjoy the ride!

2. Respect. It’s a two-way street...

3. And that’s why our classes start promptly. No entry once a session begins.

4. Your safety is our priority. New riders need to arrive 15 mins in advance so our trainers can get you sorted and set up.

5. This is your Haus too, so meet, greet and treat everyone as if they’re family.

6. No ringing while we’re riding. Please leave your phone in our Cell Haus or on aeroplane mode.

7. Spinning is sweaty business. Bring some water and a towel.

8. Pedal to your power.

9. Let us know if you have an injury so we can accommodate you during the class.

10. If you need help during a class, just shout.

11. Dancing and singing are encouraged. Always.

12. Our instructors are crazy. Seriously.

13. In this Haus, there’s no judgment.

14. This is not a class. It’s an experience.

15. As much as we love to share, we don't share packages. Packages are non-transferable.

* The Haus includes loud music as well as strobe and flashing lights *

Solo Ride

Not so keen on a class? Pop in, hop on, spin those legs and sweat it out – this is your time!
​Riding Solo packages don’t include classes and can be booked in 1-hour intervals.
Contact us for more information at

Contact Us

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Phone: +27 66 425 9541
1 Moreland Terrace, Green Point, Cape Town, 8051

We are located inside Oxygen Functional Fitness next to Cape Quarter. The entrance is in the alley behind the church.

Parking in Cape Quarter:

0 – 30 minutes FREE
40 min – 3 hours   |   R10
3 – 4 hours   |   R20

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